BLOCH Sonata

The Sonata has a tapered heel for a snug fit. The platform is as wide as Serenade but taller which makes it a good balancing shoe.


The Sonata has many distinct features. The first being, the box is slightly shorter, to allow for an easier demi-pointe. The box also contains a cushion within the pleats to cut down on noise and a sponge inside the toe at the platform for extra comfort and protection.

The shank is made up of a 6-iron board and leather board centerpiece. The leather board is malleable and less likely to "snap" when broken. Another difference in the shank is that it contains no tack or glue on the heel. This allows the shank to bend easier at 3/4, reducing the pressure on itself and the shoe, resulting in the dancer being supported high and straight under the arch without having to fight to get there.



The available width fittings for the Sonata are A, B, C, D and E and require the dancer to follow Break-In Instruction A.