BLOCH Aspiration

The Aspiration pointe shoe is designed to give the dancer when 'en pointe' the feeling of being elevated up out of the shoe and held away from the floor. The shank/insole has an extra board shortened under the metatarsal which provides stability and support however this extra strength in the shank/insole does not extend to the heel. This allows the foot to arch at the three/quarter point with the heel being able to arch away from the foot. The platform is both high and wide to allow maximum balance when 'en pointe'.

Deep and wide platform - Gives maximum balance, stability and lateral support

Three quarter shank/insole - Emphasises the arch of the foot 'en pointe'

Comfortable and flat last -The foot is evenly balanced when standing flat

Standard 'A' paste - Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity

Box Cushioning: No

  • Colours: Pink
  • Dancer Level: Advanced students and professionals
  • Drawstring: Cord
  • Heel Cushion: No
  • Heel Shape: Deep
  • Last Shape: Conventional
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Outsole Material: Leather
  • Paste: 'A' Paste
  • Platform Shape: High and Wide
  • Shank/Insole: Three quarter Innersole
  • Sides/Seam: Medium/ Straight
  • Sock Material: Suede
  • Sole: Full Length
  • Upper Material: Satin
  • Vamp Length: Medium
  • Vamp Shape: U