Jelly Toes 1025


Jelly Toes are elasticized, fabric tubes that are lined with a gel strip. They are 3 inches in length and can be cut to the size of any toe. Fits over any toe and helps to reduce pressure that causes blisters and corns.












Bunion Buster 1125


Great for bunion relief! It's an elastic fabric tube with a gel coating on the inside for the big toe and bunion area. Helps alleviate friction and takes pressure off the joint. Cut to size, washable
2 per package.

Clear Stretch Tips S/M
Gel tips offer superior cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails, hammer toes and other problem spots. They are thin, yet provide a durable shield for sensitive toes. The unique comfort vent makes them less sweaty than other gel toe caps. They are washable, reusable and can be trimmed to size.













Jelly Tips 1050


This elasticized fabric tube is sonic welded on one end and is coated on the inside with gel to help alleviate the pressure that causes bruised toenails. Especially effective on longer toes. Should be cut to the length needed for protection, but short enough so that circulation isn't impaired.

Jelly Tube 1115
A smaller version of the Bunion Buster to protect the small toe and bunionette area on the side of the foot. Cut along the length of the tube and place over the pinky toe so that the bunionette area is covered. One size. 2 per package.

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