BLOCH Signature Performance

The concept behind the Signature pointe shoe series was creating a set of two shoes that in the best way possible, combines the desire for a shoe that acts totally as a professional shoe should and the desire for a shoe that has a longer life span. Both shoes are constructed with a paste that is designed to shape itself to the dancers foot when moist.

The composition of the paste is also responsible for a large reduction of noise on the floor. The box is shaped to give the perfect platform for aesthetics and balance. The platform is as high as it is wide, which provides for both forward and lateral balance.


The difference between the Signature Performance and Signature Rehearsal is the shank. The Performance has a green board body with a leather board centerpiece. This is equivalent to a 1.8mm shank.


The available width fittings for the Signature are B, C, D and E and require the dancer to follow Break-In Instruction B.