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Customize the toe box of your pointe shoe to enjoy the blissful comfort of a perfect fit. Gaynor Minden fitting aids are made from the most technologically advanced materials, so you need only a small cushion or thin liner to make a big difference.

Made from cushy gel that never flattens out, Cool Blue Ovals and Crescents have pressure sensitive backing for easy use. 

Contains one pair each Cool Blue Gel Crescents, Cool Blue Gel Ovals, "Mushroom" Micro-pads, Dynamic Box Liners and clear, illustrated instructions. 

Box Size: 2, 3, 4




Keep your shoes on your heels. Textured surface really holds your foot, while the peel-and-stick backing keeps gripper locked in place. And, by filling in the extra space around your heel, it makes the back of the shoe beautifully smooth, sleek, and free of lines and wrinkles. No Botox required. Especially helpful for dancers with narrow heels.




“Going over?” “Popping out?” Suffering from your gorgeous arches? Stitch Vamp Elastic in the throat of your shoes and feel the added support that an extra-deep vamp would provide — with no compromise of demi-pointe and no special order. 3″ wide, 15″ long, ample for one pair of shoes. Instructions included.




For narrow, fine-boned feet

Gaynor Minden recommends these particular Sock liners as a very effective and straightforward method for reducing excess material at heel and sides of shoe.