Proper Fit 
Grishko® pointe shoes are designed to give dancers ultimate support, placement, and comfort. To achieve this goal the dancer needs to be properly fitted by a professional who can determine the best model and size for that dancer. The style of shoe a dancer needs is determined by the shape of her foot (particularly the length of her toes), her strength, and the manner in which her teacher instructs her to go on pointe. The fitter should check to be sure there is no gapping at the sides or heel. It is especially important that the dancer be properly fitted to prevent injury. 


Life Expectancy
The average life expectancy of Grishko® pointe shoes is approximately 8 hours. After use, the dancer should dry their shoes completely to maximize the longevity of their shoes. We recommend stuffing the shoes with paper towels for three days to keep the shoes' shape while they air dry.



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