The “Pump Ballet Flat” is a split sole canvas ballet flat with unique construction techniques, designed for the best possible fit around the arch and heel.


The S0277 Pump, is our latest split sole canvas ballet flat. It re-invents an early technique of stitching that Bloch and other cobblers employed many years ago with this type of shoe that is still in use today with pointe shoes.


  •  Unique construction method further reducing underfoot lumps.
  • New last and upper which takes the Bloch fit to the next level.
  • Thick and soft square canvas which moulds to the foot
  • Heel seam cushion for the perfect aesthetic line of the foot.

The elements of the Pump contain a secret combination of forces from the front toe pad and the heel cushion. They combine to prevent any material creasing under the arch, completely eliminating unsightly bunching that normally occurs when the foot is contracted.

Sizes: 2 – 8.5

Widths: A, B, C, D

Colours: Flesh (tan)