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Bunheads Stage Styles BH415

A complete kit for dancers of any age to create beautiful and unique hairstyles for the stage. Includes spray bottle and smoothie hairbrush with Bunheads logo and full color instructional cards. Cards include step-by-step instructions for 3 different styles. Hairstyles produced and designed by Melinda Roy, former Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet.

Bunheads Hairpins 3.5 black BH437


These super heavyweight hairpins from Bunheads have a wave and a slight bend to keep them in place. One can do the same job as several normal hairpins. Available in various colours and sizes. An essential dance accessory for many dancers.

Bunheads Coffee Mug BH890



Bunheads Water Bottle BH855

Bunheads Necklace BH650