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Danse Boite is a unique dance boutique providing superior service to the dance community with expertise and quality training to properly fit pointe shoes!


Danse Boite has been serving the dance community since 1999 offering a wide range of products from pointe shoes, dance wear, and accessories.


We pride ourselves to be expert pointe shoe fitters that truly care for the safety of each dancer. Not to mention, our prices are also irresistible! 


Each dancer deserve the best fitting shoes.


At Danse Boite, we take the utmost care and precision in finding the perfect pointe shoe fit for each dancer. Proper fitting means less pain, less injuries, and an overall better dance experience for dancers, regardless of age and learning level. 


Each pointe shoe appointment with our experts is centered towards your individual needs as a dancer. 


Our vast selection of pointe shoes and accessories ensure the best possible fit and support for you.



Come visit us soon! 

We ship our products worldwide! 


Email us at danseboite@gmail.com