Bloch pointe shoe styles vary to accommodate the individual dancer.


The arch support in the Bloch pointe shoe goes through a special shaping process that lets the shoe to provide support where it is needed while still enabling the dancer to roll through and move freely. 


The varieties in each style include the shape of the shoe, the look of the shoe, and the making technique of the shoe. All these factors change the function of a shoe, which is why Bloch is able to provide shoes that suit many dancers.


Listed below are the available pointes in Danse Boite Inventory. Click on the links to read more about each pointe shoe.  If you would like to order, simply select the type of pointe shoe from drop down menu on this website and click on the "Add to Card" button. If you're done with your shopping, simply click the "Check Out" button from your shopping cart found at the top right corner of your screen. Fill out the form and this will send an email to us regarding your order.


ALPHA - Paste 'B'

AMELIE - Paste 'B'                            SERENADE/SERENE - Paste 'A' 

ASPIRATION - Paste 'A'                     SIG. PERFORM- Paste 'A'

AXIOM - Paste 'B'                                 SIG. REHEARSE- Paste 'B'

AXIS TMT - TMT                                   SONATA - Paste 'A

B MORPH - TMT                                    SUPRIMA -Paste 'A'


CONCERTA - Paste 'A'                        SYNERGY - Paste 'A'

HERITAGE - Paste 'A'                         SYNERGY 3/4 - Paste 'B'

JETSTREAM - Paste 'A'                       DEMI-POINTE 


(if you would like to get something custom made, please don't hesitate to email us at