BLOCH European Balance

The ‘Balance European’ has all the advantages of the Balance shoe, with a more tapered, streamlined look at the toe. Whilst maintaining a large balance platform, the inside of the toe box is narrower, for a snug fit around the toes. This shoe is suited for the serious student through to the professional.

The new shape closely mimics the natural contours of the foot significantly improving injury prevention for the dancer. The low profile feature of the shoe increases the amount of surface area that is in direct contact with the foot, improving weight distribution and reducing pressure on individual metatarsal. Significantly the insole shape conforms to the arch providing a higher level of support for the ankle joint and surrounding tendons.

The wide toe provides a strong balancing platform which has unlimited amount of performance benefits as well as enhanced support for the ankle that transfers through to the knee and hip joints. The wide platform enhances the stability and reduces lateral and medial movement when on pointe. The improved fit of the Balance pointe allows the shoe to move inline with the dancer, increasing the dancer's control of the shoe. The dancer can be sure the shoe will work with them, complementing their technique.


To get the best result from your shoe use break in technique A.