BLOCH Amelie

The Amelie Soft pointe shoe has a graded shank/insole which allows the foot to roll up 'en pointe' with ease and emphasizes the line of the instep while the angled platform stabilizes the foot. The gently curved sides of the box encourage the foot into correct alignment when 'en pointe' whilst the shallow box encases and supports the toes laterally. The elastic drawstring draws the shoe around the foot. The combination of these features makes the Amelie Soft suitable for a variety of foot shapes especially for the beginner or elementary level dancer who requires a flexible shoe.


Slight V shaped vamp and high sides - Help support the foot and acts as a barrier to stabilize the foot

 Tapered Box - Flatters the line of the foot and ankle

Gently curved shank/insole - Gives maximum balance and stability

'B' Paste - Molds quickly to the shape of the foot and enhances foot articulation