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  • 3/4 Wide
  • 18 Inches


(Fairy tales inspire great ballets. And now a great ballet accessory: Transparent"Imperial" Elastic. "Imperial," in honor of the Emperor who had a suit of clothes so fine that no one could see it.You don't need to see it to believe it; our elastic really does exist and you really will dance...happily...ever...after.)


  • 7/8"wide, stretchy elastic that's as clear as Scotch tape.
  • Utterly transparent so that your shoes seem to stay on all by themselves.
  • Transparent Elastic. 
  • Color: none. 
  • Length: 30"; enough for two pairs of shoes.

GAYNOR MINDEN European "Invisible" Elastic

(In Europe, the ballerinas appear to be dancing in shoes secured only by satin ribbon, and they also appear to have not the slightest worry about their shoes slipping off. The "secret" is Invisible Elastic.)

  • S-t-r-e-t-c-h-y, 
  • lace-like material that virtually disappears next to tights. 
  • Works for technique slippers, too.
  • Imported European "Invisible"Pink Elastic.
  • Ample (30" long) for two pairs.



PILLOWS FOR POINTE Invisible Elastic


  • 3/4 width
  • 18 inches